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Knights' Kristoffer Alas, Belencion suspended, stern warning to San Beda's Sudan Daniel
NCAA Press Release, Tue, Jul 28, 2009

San Sebastian's Frank Gusi, the acting Management Committee chair, also announced the suspension of Kristoffer Alas and Jaypee Belencion of Letran.

Alas pushed San Beda's American Sudan Daniel right after the endgame buzzer while Belencion was sacked after he stood up on the Letran bench goading the fans, which the league considered as mitigating circumstances.

The league also sent stern warning's to Letran coach Louie Alas and his younger brother assistant mentor Mel as well as Letran's Kevin Alas, the youngest of the Alases, and the 6'7" Daniel himself for their misconduct.

Gusi said a repetition of the same offense in future games would result to a three-game suspension.

"The league hopes this serve as example not just to San Beda and Letran but to other schools as well," said Gusi, who is speaking in behalf of Mancom chair Jose Mari Lacson of San Beda who is on a temporary leave.

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